Restaurants & Bars from Bay Area Trip


House of Curries / Albany, CA
Indian – good palak gosht, tandoori chicken, and unlimited cups of chai.

East Ocean Seafood Restaurant / Alameda, CA
Chinese – great dim sum and quick service. congi was pretty good too.

Delhi Dhaba & Chaat / San Pablo, CA
Indian – nice aloo tiki, samosa chaat, and unlimited cups of chai.

Mr. Dewie’s Cashew Creamery / Albany, CA
Desert – first time trying cashew ice cream. pleasantly surprised, tasty and creamy.

Masse’s Pastries / Berkeley, CA
Desert – lovely pastries (both taste and aesthetics).

The Hot Shop / Albany, CA
Afghani-Mexican – tasty and extremely filling burritos here. the “cajun” was great, stuffed and kept me full for eight hours.

Sam’s Diner / San Francisco, CA
American – great burger after a tiring day walking around SF.

Kathmandu Restaurant / Albany, CA
Nepali – good momo’s and chow mein, seemed like kinda homestyle-type recipes.

Nomad Tibetan Restaurant / Berkeley, CA
Tibetan – really good momo’s and the chili chicken was fire – taste and spice-wise.

Aangan / Albany, CA
Nepali – probably my favorite momo’s from the list, heavier on garlic than the others though. Chicken choila cold dish is amazing also.

Royal Rangoon / Berkeley, CA
Burmese/Myanmar – really good tea leaf salad and khao souey soup.

Oakland Coliseum Concessions / Oakland, CA
American – had a solid stadium dog and an A’s commemorative glass full of RC-Cola.

Semifreddi’s Bakery / Kensington, CA
Bakery – got a coffee and croissant here nearly every morning.

Chez Maman West / San Francisco, CA
French – pretty good mussels dish.


Brass Tacks / San Francisco, CA
Anina / San Francisco, CA
Crown Bar / El Cerrito, CA

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