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Nas – I Am (1999)

I purchased I Am on audio tape a few weeks after it was released; if I had to estimate a day, I’d guess April 18th or April 25th. I remember it was a Sunday in April of 1999, and I bought the tape at the Blockbuster Music in Lakeside Mall in Metairie, LA. Bill Clinton was president, Kosovo stuff was happening, and TLC’s “No Scrubs” was the number one song in the country.

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Movies of the Week

Watched a couple of movies this week, all of which were extremely entertaining. Two were documentaries, while one was a regular feature film. Rating scale is out of five keystones, five being a goddamn masterpiece.

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Bachelor Meal of the Day

I was at some random Men’s Health-type site a few weeks ago and I read an article with healthier recipes for a number of comfort foods, one of them being macaroni and cheese. This recipe called for the addition of some spices and some grilled chicken. I did not follow this recipe.

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Blog Resurrection

Therapists in the New Orleans area really need to start handing out more Xanax prescriptions. Yes, the first team defense couldn’t tackle Gary Coleman (R.I.P.). But alas, it was Week 1 of the preseason. By preseason, I mean that coaches did not watch film on the Patriots, the dynamic duo of Sean Payton and Gregg Williams did not install any elaborate game plans, and the defensive players had not done any legitimate tackling since the Super Bowl.

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Saints at Dolphins

I’m not sure that the fact that the Saints won on Sunday has really sunk in yet. When the Dolphins took a 21-3 lead, some labeled this performance “the return of the ‘aints”, others just figured they’d spare themselves the pain of sitting through such a pathetic performance that they turned off the TV, and a few others (I’m part of this last group) just wondered what the f— was going on.

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