Quick Thoughts on the Giants Game, and a bit on Miami

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I would love to have heard the conversations on the New York Football Giants' flight back to New Jersey. I can see DE Osi Umenyiora telling fellow DE Justin Tuck what it's like to be LT Jermon Bushrod's bitch. A few rows down, WR Hakeem Nicks asks LB Antonio Pierce if he wants to go to a Manhattan nightclub later that night. Pierce agrees, on the condition that Nicks keeps his firearms away from his sweatpants. QB Eli Manning sits alone, shrugging his shoulders the entire flight. This was a pretty great game for us. I didn't like all the hype this game received with regards to the "This game can decide home field advantage in the playoffs" or "this is going to put us at the top" schools of thought. In my mind, this was just two impressive teams going head to head. This was NFL Week 6...in the words of football icon Jim Mora: "Playoffs? You talkin' about playoffs?" After two weeks of QB Drew Brees managing the game, it was great to see the score-at-will Saints offense again. When it comes to this whole running down defenses throats, leaving it up to our defense to win strategy (seen in the Bills and Jets games), think of me as your 93-year old grandmother learning how to use Facebook...it's just a concept that's going to take a while to get used to, if ever. As far as the Dolphins of Miami go, their wildcat offense scares me quite a bit. The only Miami game I've watched this season was the Monday Night showdown against the Jets. The way they handled that Jets defense was downright scary. I do take solace in the fact that if need be, we can answer their 8-minute scoring drives with 2-minute scoring drives of our own. QB Chad Henne looked pretty good against the Jets, but let's not forget that young quarterbacks are appetizers for FS Darren Sharper before he hits up the early-bird specials at Shoney's. Only in football can you compare 33 year-olds to senior citizens. Well, football and Roman Polanski's love life.