Saints at Dolphins

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This is an angry quarterback.
This was also an angry quarterback (Ryan Leaf)

But this is the best quarterback in the league right now.


I'm not sure that the fact that the Saints won on Sunday has really sunk in yet. When the Dolphins took a 21-3 lead, some labeled this performance "the return of the 'aints", others just figured they'd spare themselves the pain of sitting through such a pathetic performance that they turned off the TV, and a few others (I'm part of this last group) just wondered what the f--- was going on. I saw the team on the sideline though, and no one looked dejected yet, and I came to the conclusion that this was going to be similar to the Denver game last year. The Denver game also included about a quarter and a half of everything going wrong on both sides of the ball, followed by the offense leading a comeback and the defense holding steady (considering Jason David, Josh Bullocks, and Kevin Kaesviharn were still on the roster at this time), only to lose by two points, 34-32. Oh yeah, Martin Gramatica missed 2 out of 3 field goals in that game. So back to Miami, I figured the Saints would mount some sort of comeback, and I decided that John Carney is much more solid that Gramatica, so this time, we might be able to pull it off. The thought never occured to me that we would win this game by 12 points.

The 2009 Saints are absolutely unreal.

When Sedrick Ellis went down in the second quarter, things were still in a state of disarray, and a small part of me thought that Ellis' injury might seal the deal, ensuring continued dominance by the Miami offensive line and running backs. But Anthony Hargrove, playing with chips on both shoulders, came in and recorded four tackles (three for loss), two sacks, and two QB hits. The man just could not be stopped.

After uncharacteristically whiffing on a tackle or two in the first quarter, Jonathan Vilma was a certified beast at Land Shark Stadium, recording ten total tackles (seven solo), including a monster hit on Ricky Williams that had to knock all marijuana traces out of Ricky's bloodstream. Gregg Williams is what this team has needed for a while. There is no way in hell that Rex Grossman would beat us in 2006 with Williams' coaching and Darren Sharper playing free safety for that team. No matter how far we end up going this year,  Gregg Williams is going to be atleast interviewed for a head coaching position or two at season's end. I'm about to watch some film on the Falcons so I can figure out exactly what their deal is, but as of Sunday, the Cowboys owned the sons of bitches, so they are definitely not as good as people thought they were a few weeks ago.

WHO DAT!!!???