My new EP - 2005 dreams deferred

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I recently found a CD of hip-hop instrumentals that I made in 2004-2005 as a senior in high school and I've put them up on Bandcamp and they should be up on streaming platforms soon as well. Bandcamp write-up below and music below that:

This album is a collection of music I made between the fall of 2004 and summer of 2005. I had an old and basic Yamaha keyboard that I rigged up to the family computer with a MIDI-USB cable and spent a lot of time making hip-hop beats.
Hurricane Katrina hit my hometown of New Orleans in August of 2005, and the computer where all this music was stored flooded, leaving two copies of this material - a physical CD (which this was ripped from), and MP3 uploads on MySpace Music. MySpace Music recently lost all of their stored music during a server upgrade that went sideways, and I thought that my 2004-2005 music had been lost forever, but I luckily found this physical CD during some spring cleaning.
The music probably sounds a bit dated and is pretty raw. There's a big difference in terms of refinement between this and my second round of beat-making in 2011, but I think there are a few songs on here that are enjoyable, or at least hint at me having a sliver of talent.
Enjoy :)