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What's up, internets? I just moved back to New Orleans for good this week, so I figured I'd start the blog up again. I think I'm going to expand the blog to include some content unrelated to the Saints/NFL, but for now, here are some things on my mind:

Brett Favre: I think it's a good thing he's back. I'm not a fan of the annual Favre-watch soap opera, though. Some folk like to tell me things like "He's just getting older and he loves the game SO MUCH that it's hard for him to make up his mind." And that's true (although I'd add that he is a certified attention-whore). This annual vascillating is somewhat understandable the first time (i.e. when he was with the Packers). But with every subsequent Favre-watch, it becomes less about him loving the game so much that he can't make up his mind, and more about him being a narcissistic feminine-hygiene product which starts with the letter "d". Keeping his teammates on edge for all these months is just a dick-move. The Vikings players as a whole welcomed and accepted the old gunslinger with open arms  and as much as I hate them, they don't deserve the Favre-treatment. Now Brad Childress on the other hand needs to be the target of a Dateline: To Catch A Predator special. No sympathy for him and the Vikings front office here.

Saints Preseason Woes aka The Sky is Falling (after one preseason game): Therapists in the New Orleans area really need to start handing out more Xanax prescriptions. Yes, the first team defense couldn't tackle Gary Coleman (R.I.P.). But alas, it was Week 1 of the preseason. By preseason, I mean that coaches did not watch film on the Patriots, the dynamic duo of Sean Payton and Gregg Williams did not install any elaborate game plans, and the defensive players had not done any legitimate tackling since the Super Bowl. There were huge plays given up last year as well (I remember a long pitch and catch from Carson Palmer to Ochocinco where old Charles Grant nearly ran him down). Also, our Week 1 regular season defense/special teams gave up some big numbers and allowed the Matt Stafford-led Lions to put up 27 points on the board in Stafford's NFL debut. Basically, most of this stuff is not a big deal and it may take a couple weeks/games for everyone to get back into the swing of things.


Things that did kind of suck vs. the Patriots: First team offensive line play was not great. Bushrod actually held his own, but Stinchcomb was turrible. There also was not too much of an interior push from the guards Evans and Nicks on run plays. Special teams was terrible as well, but that's the type of thing that should get settled when the rounds of roster cuts begin and there aren't as many camp-bodies being thrown out there on coverage units.

Think that's about it for today. Looking forward to a good game vs. the Houston Texans this Saturday.  Thanks for reading.