Moto E4 Plus Memories

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What an awesome phone. Got it September 2017.

Nearly stock Android, so didn't have to deal with too much vendor nonsense. The Motorola specific add-ons were actually useful, like some "Moto Action" that would cool the color temperature at 9PM every night or something like that so the screen wouldn't keep you at night or something.

Camera was fine outdoors and during the day. Took some good stay-cation photos on this camera. Indoor was bad. Night shots were bad.

But the real star of the show was the battery life. 5000mah. With every other phone I've ever had, I try not to leave the house for more than an hour with less than 40% battery. Not with this phone. I could happily leave the house with 40%, lose track of time and end up out drinking for like 8 hrs, then still have 10%-ish battery with which to call a Lyft.

Used this phone with Sprint, Wing Alpha, and Mint Mobile with no issues. Sprint usage also involved roaming in India with no issues.

Ended up having the phone fall out of my coat pocket while at a bar and cracking the screen in December 2018. Used this and a backup cracked Moto E4 until March 2019 when I got a 2016 Google Pixel, which I love so much.