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Moto E4 Plus Memories

Madhav Saxena tech

What an awesome phone. Got it September 2017. Nearly stock Android, so didn't have to deal with too much vendor nonsense. The Motorola specific add-ons were actually useful, like some "Moto Action" that would cool the color temperature at 9PM…

RIP Nextbit

Madhav Saxena tech

[update] phone died a month later and was replaced with a $39 Verizon Moto E4. I have a Nextbit Robin. Nextbit was bought by the gaming company, Razer, and all warranties were set to end on July 31st, 2017. My…

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Audio Set-up

Madhav Saxena tech

Step 1: Bought a Stereo I bought a fairly powerful Panasonic stereo on Craigslist. It has CD, AM/FM radio, AUX input, and USB input. Originally set it up on the carpet, but Patty dog sheds a lot and I didn't…