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I'm a web developer living in New Orleans, LA. I'm also a wannabe photographer and musician on the side. My favorite things are the New Orleans Saints, all things Linux/open-source, making websites, Hindi movies, and hip-hop music. Most writing on this blog will probably be about those topics. Otherwise, I'll just be rambling incoherently.

Madhav Saxena: Z-List Celebrity

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I went to a "Freelance Friday" event in April that was hosted at Church Alley Coffee on OC Haley Blvd. in New Orleans. I remember getting a lot of work done and meeting some cool people, but I don't remember being as overwhelmed as I appear in the below photo. Also, I'm looking "rounder" than I think I've ever been. The coffee at Church Alley is pretty good and there are two Little Free Libraries, one outside and one inside, so that's pretty impressive. There's a store upstairs that I meant to check up but still haven't, and the back of the space is the Zeitgeist Theater, which is pretty awesome, too.

Nas - I Am (1999)

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I Am was released on April 6, 1999. It was Nas third album after Illmatic (critically acclaimed but low sales) and It Was Written (critically average but sold pretty well). I Am was originally supposed to be a double-album magnum…

Fan (2016) and Beautiful Creatures (2013)

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Rating scale goes from 0 to 5, 5 being a cinematic masterpiece. Fan is a Hindi film starring superstar Shah Rukh Khan. It wasn't very good. A few funny jokes, witty dialogue, but basically not very good. The movie was…

Movies of the Week

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Watched a couple of movies this week, all of which were extremely entertaining. Two were documentaries, while one was a regular feature film. Rating scale is out of five keystones, five being a goddamn masterpiece. The Wild and Wonderful Whites…

Bachelor Meal of the Day

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I was at some random Men's Health-type site a few weeks ago and I read an article with healthier recipes for a number of comfort foods, one of them being macaroni and cheese. This recipe called for the addition of…

Lead up to the Chargers game

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After a good showing where most issues from the Patriots game (besides special teams play) were corrected, the Saints play the Chargers tonight. Here are some things to look out for tonight: Backup Quarterback battle - Patrick Ramsey vs. Chase…

Blog Resurrection

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What's up, internets? I just moved back to New Orleans for good this week, so I figured I'd start the blog up again. I think I'm going to expand the blog to include some content unrelated to the Saints/NFL, but…

Saints at Dolphins

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This is an angry quarterback. This was also an angry quarterback (Ryan Leaf) But this is the best quarterback in the league right now. I'm not sure that the fact that the Saints won on Sunday has really sunk in…

Quick Thoughts on the Giants Game, and a bit on Miami

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I would love to have heard the conversations on the New York Football Giants' flight back to New Jersey. I can see DE Osi Umenyiora telling fellow DE Justin Tuck what it's like to be LT Jermon Bushrod's bitch. A…